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Cast Iron Hand Pump

N6 is a cast iron suction pump, capable of drawing water from shallow depths by creating a partial vacuum in the suction pipe depending as they do on at atmospheric pressure to drive water up to the surface. The pump use is restricted to regions with water table no more than seven(7) meters below the surface. Millions of pump are in regular use in the Asian countries. With minimum skill this pump can be installed and maintenance can be carried out.
Height Without Handle 26" (26. Inches)
Height With Handle 29" (29 Inches)
Weight 16.7 Kgs. Approx
Material Used Cast Iron
Cup Seal (Bracket Washer Size) 3½" (3.5 Inches)
Suction Capacity 20 to 25 Feets
Pipe Fitting Size 1½" ( 38.10 mm)
Color/Paint Dark Green or Blue Standard Paints
Packing Corrugated Box Packing
Maximum Discharge Water 3000 Litres Per Hour on Per Second/Stroke basis