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India Mark II Hand Pump

  •  Minimum bore size ... 100 mm.
  •  Internal dia. of Cylinder ... 63.5 mm
  •  Stroke length ... 125±4 mm.
  •  Average discharge per stroke ... 16 liters per minute of 40 strokes.
  •  Operating depth (approx.) ... up to 45 meters

  •  The above-ground mechanism is fabricated from welded steel plates and sections for strength, and hot-dip galvanized for corrosion resistance.
  •  A chain and quadrant mechanism of the pump handle provides easy and accurate alignment of the connecting rod.
  •  The handle bar has a high mechanical advantage and is designed to counter balance the weight of the connecting rods to reduce the pumping effort required by the user.
  •  A unique pivot assembly (sealed ball bearings for the handle on a stainless steel axle) adds to the ease of operation and lower maintenance needs.
  •  125 mm stroke length of the handle provides a water discharge of 15 liters per minute per 40 strokes with the cylinder installed in the range of the 15 m to 45 m below-ground level.
  •  The water tank assembly has an appropriate coupler to suit 32 mm NB medium class