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Treadle Pump

  •  Treadle Irrigation pump is a high Capacity pump designed to lift water by suction from shallow wells upto 12 Mts. And other surface sources.
  •  It has a capacity to discharge 5000-7000 liters per hour.
  •  It is operated by leg muscles in a comfortable walking motion and can be operated by one or two adults or two or more children.
  •  It is a double cylinder and double acting model, both downward stroke and upward stroke delivers water and optimum utilization of energy spent is achieved.
  •  A portable self-contained unit sits at ground level.
  •  Flexibility in installation, it can be moved from one location to another, without any permanent installation on a single well.
  •  Due to its simplicity and compactness, maintenance of the pump is economical in all aspects.