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Extra Deepwell Hand Pump

  •  Minimum bore size ... 100 mm.
  •  Internal dia. of Cylinder ... 63.5 mm
  •  Stroke length ... 100±4 mm.
  •  Average discharge per stroke ... 14 liters per minute of 40 strokes.
  •  Operating depth (approx.) ... up to 90 meters

  •  In addition to all the salient features of India Mark II, this model incorporates a longer and heavier handle with a "T" Bar arrangement and counter weights to balance the weight of the connecting rods at different depths. This heavier handle can be avoided when using FGP connecting rods.
  •  100 mm stroke length of the handle provides a water discharge of 15 liters per minute per 40 strokes with an installation depth range of the cylinder between 45 m to 90 m below ground level.
  •  Suitable for preventive maintenance with simple tools by users.
  •  The standard pump is supplied with a telescopic stand.
  •  Stands with square or circular foot flanges are also available.
  •  Special tools and standard tools for installation, masonry tools and shuttering for platform construction are available. Also, fishing tools, village level maintenance tools and spare parts kits for two or five years’ normal operation can be supplied.